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        Jlight Chemicals Company locates in YaTai Science - Technology Industrial Park of JiaXing City, ZheJiang Province which is west to ShangHai, east to HangZhou, south to SuZhou and north to HangZhou Bay across which there is a bridge connecting with NingBo. This area is the very centre of national strategic economy circle of downriver Yangtze.Jlight Chemicals are high-tech. based cooperation with great strength, expertised in research, development and industrialization on organic synthesis, customized synthesis....

        Add.:Dongtang slip, Jiaxing Industrial Park, Daqiao Town, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. P.C.:314006
        Tel:+86-573-82813639, 83621335
        Contact:Mr. Wei +86-13605839392;
        Mr. Wang +86-15857374971; Mr.Ye +86-15157377625

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